Who we are ?

MedcoMinds LLC is New Jersey based Software Company which aims to provide support for hospitals, clinics and laboratories with tailor made healthcare management software applications. MedcoMinds prides to dig deep...

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  • EMR-300x300


    MedcoEMR is a complete hospital management and health record system developed by mDev Solutions. With instant access to information, MedcoEMR enhances your medicine practice experience and change the way you used to practice medicine. MedcoEMR automates the clinical operations of....


    OpenEMR Support

    Services we provide for OpenEMR: 1. Customization If any customization is needed to OpenEMR, our engineers study your requirements and give you a timeline on when we will be able to finish the work. With your approval, we work on....


    Medco Diabetic Retinopathy EMR

    For excellent care of diabetic retinopathy, mDev Solutions has developed a well-designed Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Medco Diabetic Retinopathy EMR is a customized solution for Nepal Eye Hospital (Tilganga) that stores clinical patients’ records and evaluates the risk of patients developing....

  • medcoE&M


    MedcoE&M (Evaluation & Management Coding System) is medical billing and hospital management service to reduce work and hassle during bill payment by combining cloud based intelligent network. It is expert medical billing software which provides efficient workflow with automated software....



    MedcoTeleHealth is a system designed to provide health services and related information via internet based data management system. The system collects digital data and incorporates that data into electronic record. These records can be securely transmitted and can be easily....

    Medco Appointment Scheduler

    Medco Appointment Scheduler

    Medco Appointment Scheduler is practice management software that provides you with an easy to use scheduling and appointment features. It makes appointments easy as patients can submit and view requests for appointments online and within the comfort of their own....

  • medcoInventory


    MedcoInventory is a simple web based medical inventory software package that is designed to handle medical supplies procurement and record keeping. If you are looking for supply chain management for hospitals, clinics or nursing homes then MedcoInventory is the best package....

Giving Life to Your Ideas

Our mission is to provide affordable, world-class, customized management system solutions that cater to an organization's specific needs.

Our Services

  • Custom-application development

    Focus on making modular applications from the very beginning, has given us tremendous advantage over other software application companies that we make applications based on clients’ requirements. Healthcare organizations vary greatly in their size and the specialties. Because of this, the applications that can be purchased in the market will not be suitable for the organization. Major compromises have to be done to implement smoothly.

    OpenEMR Support

    OpenEMR is an open-source Electronic Medical Record application created by the contribution of various professionals who have expertise in developing applications for healthcare organizations. We contribute regularly to the overall development of OpenEMR and are the reason why we are one of the recognized support teams in the world.


    Our partnership with Medium Healthcare and Multipurpose Pvt. Ltd. has enabled us to offer outsourcing services to clients in the US and Canada. Our outsourcing process is a hybrid-model, where the development happens in Nepal and client meeting/demo/requirement gatherings happen on-site in US/Canada. The advantage of our model is that the client can communicate directly with the representatives during their office hours and in person if necessary. Our experts in the US/Canada do quality control and thus gives the client quality product in affordable price.

Our Clients

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